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Reflection: Meditation Quiets My Mind When I Am Stressed

by | May 1, 2015 | Blog, Reflections

Meditation quiets my mind when I am stressed.

I am able to counteract the stresses of life by relying on meditation. When I take the time to refocus my mind, I am better able to deal with situations.

At sunrise, I take a few moments to center my thoughts. Clearing my mind in the morning helps me to approach the day with a peaceful outlook. It is easier to stay calm at work when I start the day with a tranquil mindset.

When projects at work start to get overwhelming, I take some time to walk. Walking quietly outdoors gives me a chance to relax and regroup.

I concentrate on my breathing when walking. It takes my mind and spirit back to a neutral place. Doing that allows me to let go of the feelings that threaten to upset my state of contentment.

Before bed each night, I spend several moments lifting the day’s burdens. It is easier to sleep restfully when my mind is clear of the day’s activities.

Scented candles and serene sounds help me to unwind. I meditate in a setting that gives me a sense of freedom and peace.

Today, I make time to re-center my soul and mind. My days are spent more effectively when I am free of mental burdens. I achieve quietness when I take the time to meditate my stress away.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What creative techniques can I employ to squeeze in some quiet time each day?
  2. Which other practices can help me release stress?
  3. How can I achieve more positive results from meditation?


Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

I'm a healer, teacher, author, and mystic who loves helping others find and explore their own soulful paths. My personal practices include meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, and qigong.



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