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Live Interactive Virtual 8-Week Soul Retrieval Training with Karyn Armstrong

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Blog

Live Interactive Virtual 8-Week Soul Retrieval Training with Karyn Armstrong

January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28, March 7

12:00-2:30 PM PST, 1:00-3:30 PM MST, 2:00-4:30 PM CST, 3:00-5:30 PM EST

Limited to 12 students

REGISTRATION: Sorry, class is no longer offered.

There are a limited number of openings left in the January session of this groundbreaking course in Soul Retrieval* – so if you are interested, get signed up! The only prerequisite is the ability to do a successful shamanic journey. If you have any questions, contact Karyn Armstrong.

Karyn studied under Sandra Ingerman, who literally wrote the book on Soul Retrieval, and is one of her authorized teachers. I have been working with Karyn as she pioneers the use of Live Interactive Video to provide these teachings, and I can vouch for its effectiveness.

The Live Interactive Video format lets us work face-to-face in small, intimate groups, no matter where we happen to be located geographically. This makes for a great learning experience, and it’s done without the time, cost, and inconvenience of traveling to take a workshop.

If you are a shamanic practitioner, or would like to learn this ancient spiritual practice, I invite you to join us this January.

* What is Soul Retrieval? In the shamanic worldview, illness, injuries, the death of a loved one, and other traumatic life events can rob us of a bit of our personal power; this is Soul Loss. Soul Retrieval is the shamanic method of helping to re-integrate these lost bits of the soul to return the person to a state of wholeness.

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Jack is a healer, teacher, author, and mystic who loves helping others find and explore their own soulful paths. His personal practices include meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, and qigong.



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